Getting Started

Getting Started

As developers, we often take internet connectivity and speed for granted. Mobile phones are taking HUGE sized photos these days that can take quite some time to upload.


  • Background Uploads & Downloads on each platform
  • Supports transfer filtering based on metered connections (iOS & UWP only at the moment)
  • Event Based Metrics
    • Percentage Complete
    • Total Bytes Expected
    • Total Bytes Transferred
    • Transfer Speed (Bytes Per Second)
    • Estimated Completion Time



Background Delegate

using System;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Shiny;
using Shiny.Net.Http;

namespace YourNamespace;

public class MyHttpTransferDelegate : IHttpTransferDelegate

    public Task OnError(HttpTransfer transfer, Exception ex) 

    public async Task OnCompleted(HttpTransfer transfer)


Managed List

The managed list is meant manage a list of transfers

  • The list is managed in a thread safe manner
  • As new transfers are added, the list is updated