BLE Manager

The adapter is where everything begins and ends. Unlike the platform implementations of the adapter scan, the BLE plugin Scan() method will scan continuously (or restart the scan when the cycle completes) until you dispose of the Scan() token.


Monitor and read status of adapter

// current status

// monitor status changes
BleManager.WhenStatusChanged().Subscribe(status => {});

Get Connected Devices


Get Known Peripheral


Scan for Devices

IBleManager bleManager; // injected/resolved
var scanner = bleManager.Scan().Subscribe(scanResult => 
    // do something with it
    // the scanresult contains the device, RSSI, and advertisement packet

scanner.Dispose(); // to stop scanning

Scan for Devices

IBleManager bleManager; // injected/resolved
    new ScanConfig 
        ServiceUuids = { new Guid("<your guid here>") }
.Subscribe(scanResult => 

Specific Scans

Find a named peripheral

// this will return a single result and complete - you can await it if you want
var peripheral = CentralManager.ScanForPeripheral("YourDevice");

var peripheral = CentralManager.ScanForPeripheral(YourDevice);

Managed Scans

Managed scans is probably one of the most helpful things in BLE in your User Interface if you are running any sort of peripheral scan. It deals with things like:

  • Maintains an observable collection that it makes thread safe and throttled changes to. Most users new to BLE won’t do these things out of the box, so let us manage it for you.
  • Marshalls changes to the collection to the main thread (or another RX scheduler if necessary) allowing UI’s like Xamarin Forms a chance to rerender the contents
  • Scan results don’t create fresh instances of a scanresult, they update any existing scanresult’s for previous found peripherals. They simply update the new info like RSSI and other advertisement data that can change between results.
  • Devices moving out of range - if device isn’t heard in X seconds, a remove is triggered

Creating a Managed scanner

IBleManager bleManager; // injected/resolved
var scanner = bleManager.CreateManagedScanner(
    RxApp.MainThreadScheduler, // this is from ReactiveUI which is ideal for this scenario as this will put changes on the main thread for your UI to render
    TimeSpan.FromSeconds(3),   // (optional) how long a peripheral can go "underheard" before being removed from the list.  Defaults to 3 seconds
    new ScanConfig()           // (optional) the standard BLE filter used by the regular Shiny scanner

// now start the scanner, this will do everything like ensuring the proper permissions
await scanner.Start();

scanner.Peripherals <= this is an observable collection, you can bind it directly to a page and watch it update live

// to stop the scan