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Getting Started


  • A unified API for all platforms
  • Truly reactive model where it’s needed (Scanning, Notifications, & More) - Don’t worry asynchers, we didn’t forget you.
  • The elimination of the infamous Android GATT 133 error
  • A managed scan API that automatically manages thread changes, safety, and updating scan result values like RSSI, etc for you. Just bind it and we’ll do the work
  • True lifecycle peripheral lifecycle management
  • A simplified API that obsolves you having to dig into the GATT layer much beyond Read here, Write there, and notify me. Characteristic contexts change across connections and this was hard for a lot of users (this was one of the reasons we’re RX), but now we just manage that under the hood for you.
  • While this library is built around Reactive Extensions like most of Shiny, there are async extensions for most methods