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Version 3.2 Release

Today, we released version 3.2 of Shiny that targets .NET 8 along with Classic Xamarin targets. We decided to move with the supported version of MAUI. This also makes things easier for specific support targets with AndroidX which can be very difficult to multitarget with.

This release also includes the ability to check for the current setup permission without requesting from the permission from the user. This is surprisingly difficult to implement for all modules, so for now, the following libraries have this:

  • Shiny.Locations / IGeofenceManager.CurrentAccess
  • Shiny.Locations / IGeofenceManager.GetCurrentAccess(GpsRequest)
  • Shiny.BluetoothLE / IPeripheralManager.CurrentAccess
  • Shiny.BluetoothLE.Hosting / IBleHostingManager.CurrentAdvertisingAccess & IBleHostingManager.CurrentGattAccess

There are other minor fixes in this release. Be sure to checkout our full release notes