• [BREAKING][Android] Now targets Android 11 by default
  • [Fix] Message bus named events were not being published properly GH-772
  • [Fix] Android 11+ opens a complete app when requesting permissions for location, thus permission requests could fail on Shiny in race scenarios. Shiny no longer checks if the request is made on the foreground
  • [Fix] Message bus named broadcast was not publishing GH-772
  • [Enhancement] Now using latest versions of Microsoft Extensions


  • [Fix][Android] Background permission is no longer inserted into the manifest


  • [Fix][Android] Location permissions for background must be done separate from other permissions now as per Android 11+
  • [Fix][Android] Locations permission on Android 12 requires coarse & fine permissions, even if you only need fine
  • [Fix][iOS] Background was not respecting deferrals GH-783
  • [Enhancement][Android] Background permission is no longer enforced on package, but will throw an exception if it is requested and not put in the manifest
  • [Enhancement][Android] Motion activity permission is no longer inserted automatically into your AndroidManifest.xml. An exception is thrown in its place if it is not present in the manifest when it is requested.
  • [Enhancement][Android] GpsRequest now has GpsBackgroundMode (None, Standard, RealTime). Realtime creates the foreground service & background is a periodic ping with GPS coordinates
  • [Enhancement][iOS][Android] GpsRequest now has Precise (Android: Fine) that (on Android requests) ensures fine requirements are met or at least return AccessState.Restricted when they are not


  • [Fix][Android] Channels were not being set GH-774

HTTP Transfers

  • [Fix][Android] Add postdata to uploads multipart content GH-761
  • [Fix][Android] Ensure final response from upload is successful GH-771
  • [Fix][iOS] Fix invalid uploads not working GH-782
  • [Fix][iOS] Ensure delegate OnCompleted is called when upload is completed GH-782
  • [Enhancement][iOS] Now uploads files using form-data to ensure a consistent experience across platforms GH-794
  • [BREAKING][UWP] Uwp has been removed, however, you can use the netstandard httpclient drivers