v2.1.0 (June 10, 2021)


  • [BREAKING][UWP] UWP has new boilerplate requirements
  • [Fix][UWP] Application Data Settings issue with duplicate keys
  • [Enhancement] RX helper - SelectAsync
  • [Enhancement][Android] Improved permission requests
  • [Enhancement] Under the hood improvements to state restoration and startup tasks
  • [Enhancement] IPlatform now includes InvokeOnMainThread x-plat calls

Code Generator

  • [Fix][iOS] MSAL wireup had a bad reference
  • [Fix][Android] Generated activity code for RG popups call was wrong 591
  • [Fix] Improve root namespace detection to deal with weird project/assembly names


  • [Fix] Managed Peripheral was not respecting notify vs indicate when restoring subscriptions
  • [Fix] Managed Scan will filter dead buffers (no scan results)
  • [Fix] Managed Scan now has configurable buffer time - IManagedScan.BufferTimeSpan
  • [Fix][Android] BLE Delegate OnConnected PR
  • [Fix][UWP] BLE Scans would return null results
  • [Fix][Android] Many flavours of Droid won't fire Connecting/Disconnecting. Shiny now covers the Connecting portion of this.
  • [Fix][Android] Push adapter status events to both delegate and observable
  • [Enhancement][Android][UWP] Support for 16bit UUID strings
  • [Enhancement][Android] Improved synchronization mechanism

BLE Hosting

  • [Enhancement][Android][UWP] Support for 16bit UUID strings


  • [Fix] UseBeaconMonitoring in startup was returning false (unsupported) even though it had successfully been registered
  • [Fix] Improved argument checks on beacon region


  • [Feature][Android] App Icon badge numbers are now supported thanks to Xamarin.ShortcutBadger
  • Repository extensions were internalized as they were meant to be used outside of the library
  • [Fix][Android] Foreground services wouldn't log issues with the notification if something was setup wrong

Push - Azure Notification Hubs

  • [Fix][iOS] Device token could be invalid

Speech Recognition

  • [Feature] Ability to pass cultureinfo to listening functions #569


  • [Android][Fix] Uses wrong NFC manifest feature #585