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4.0 Releases

4.0.0 - TBD 2024


  • BREAKING Enhancement
    Shiny will now only target .NET 8 or higher


  • Enhancement iOS
    You can now IFDEF IOS to get an AppleNotification that contains the raw NSDictionary
  • Enhancement iOS
    We now maintain our own Firebase FOCUSED (slim) binding that is used by Shiny.Push.FirebaseMessaging


  • Fix
    The base GpsDelegate calculations could receive a batch and trigger multiple calculations. This has been made into a synchronized operation



  • Enhancement iOS
    GPS background will now request background permission right away

Local Notifications

  • BREAKING Enhancement
    RequestAccess & RequestRequiredAccess(Notification) now return a NotificationAccessState which includes states for all the various permissions needed for a notification
  • Enhancement
    INotificationManager.GetCurrentAccess added which allows you to get current permission set without requesting access from user
  • BREAKING Enhancement iOS
    IAppleNotificationManager now allows more ways to control the native platform