Getting Started

This library deals specifically with iBeacons (Apple's beacon technology). iBeacons are used to provide contextual location information to a device. They are built upon BluetoothLE advertising. They are basically radio'ing out a small piece of data every 700-1400ms that other devices can "hear" if they are listening properly.


First - install the NuGet package into your shared code project: NuGet

using Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection;
using Shiny;

public class BeaconStartup : ShinyStartup
    public override void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)




Term Description
UUID Universally Unique Identification - this is usually a single value that you use across your entire organization or application
Major Major is the second part of the addressing system
Identifier This is a string of your own choosing. You can use this to identify the scan set you are using
Ranging Ranging is a foreground only operation. You can use this to find all beacons within a filter set. If you provide only the UUID to filter by, all beacons under that UUID will be scanned for. The major & minor values will also be provided when they are found.
Monitoring Monitoring is a background operation. Monitoring will not provide you with an identity of the beacon. For instance, if you scan by UUID+major - it will not provide the minor (to lock down specific beacons) for you. Think of this like knowing the person is in a building, but not which floor.
Region vs Beacon Region is a filter set of beacons where as the beacon itself is an individual/specific entity